Robots and Avatars opened successfully at KIBLA (Maribor, Slovenia) Friday 5th October, and you can now join the Exhibition from a distance using different

– Create, customize and  fly your avatar  in  ‘Visions of Our Communal Dreams’ mesmerizing virtual world. Visitors at KIBLA will be able to see your avatar flying on the screens in the Gallery, which are windows onto this virtual world. Just follow these instructions: VOCD_virtual-participation-guide_v1.0_web copy

– Use the telepresence robot NAVI to explore the Exhibition!  Just Add magabot2 to your Skype contacts

– Join and collaborate to the selected webprojects online, experience Naked on Pluto anticipation scenario, add your emotion to the Electronic Man and create you bot with rep.licants.

– Give us your feedback on Facebook and Twitter!

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