Collective Reality

Between the physical and the virtual, we now experience total immersion in information and art : always-on social networks; big data making the invisible visible; virtual architectures overlaid onto physical landscapes; windows from the physical world popping up in immersive gear… As the modalities to enter this persistent metaverse are multiplying with domes, HMDs and mobile screens, the question of presence, of how we connect and engage with our environment and each other, and of how our physical bodies and cultural identities are invited in, become central.

This fourth edition of the IX symposium on immersion and experience will focus on the theme of Embodied Spaces.

Throughout the day, Ghislaine Boddington will deliver several inputs including a plenary keynote and a presentation of body>data>space new commission Collective Reality in the SAT dome with Jo Hyde and Nick Rothwell

31st May – IX Immersion Experience Symposium, SAT – Montreal Full information here


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