Hidden Fields – Paul Blackmore

Can the new technical tools around us help us explore dance in new ways? Can we surpass the limitation of the physical form to become super human? Can we change the environments we show work in, and does all of this change the work we might want to create?

New Tech / New  Movement / New Futures is a one day event curated by Laura Kriefman (Architectural Choreographer: Guerilla Dance Project, Mass Crane Dance) that explores these ideas and showcases some of the best groundbreaking and world renowned examples.

Using examples for the co-authored interaction works of body>data>space Ghislaine Boddington will share thoughts on digital immersion today and on the future of our virtual /physical identities. As sense enhancing and body connectivity technologies fully converge across the next decade, the evolution of the body in the digital age points towards multiple transfers from physical to virtual and back again, blended experiences and immersions shifting us beyond our recognised senses and perceptions. This has the potential to open out whole new sensory imperatives as we reconcile our lives and our identities within multi-universes, blending and crossing the divide between illusion and reality.

Other speakers include:
– Professor Joseph Hyde (Composer)
Jasmine Wilson from Studio Wayne McGregor
Malgorzata Dzierzon from New Movement Collective

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