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Jesmond Lewis

Anne-Marie Imafidon


Wed 7 June 2017 18:00 – 21:00
Stockwell Street Building, University of Greenwich
11 Stockwell Street, Greenwich, London SE10 9BD
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Jesmond sadly and suddenly died in 2016. She worked
in several fields before joining the University of Greenwich, including production and broadcast for sound and image at the University of Hertfordshire. She built up a formidable teaching career as a lecturer in Digital Media with her main focus on the creative potential of coding to produce digital art. She was incredibly passionate about promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to young women, using the concepts and skills from her work on the creative coding curriculum.

This memorial lecture invites eminent speakers, who share Jesmond’s passions, to discuss how to further those areas of interest and to ensure that her work is carried forward. 

For this inaugural event, we are delighted to have Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE as the lead speaker. Anne-Marie’s work on her pioneering Stemettes social enterprise group is a direct and powerful reflection of the ideals that Jesmond pioneered.

Anne-Marie is Head Stemette and co-founder of Stemettes – an award-winning social enterprise inspiring the next generation of females into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) roles via a series of events and opportunities. In 4 years just under 15,000 girls across the UK, Ireland and Europe have had attended Stemette experiences. Named Red Magazine’s ‘Woman to Watch’ 2014, she became the 8th Most Influential woman in IT in 2016. Anne-Marie was awarded an MBE in the 2017 New Years Honours for services to young women and STEM sectors. She sits on the boards of Durham University’s Computer Science Department, Urban Development Music Foundation and Inspirational YOU.

Collective Reality

Between the physical and the virtual, we now experience total immersion in information and art : always-on social networks; big data making the invisible visible; virtual architectures overlaid onto physical landscapes; windows from the physical world popping up in immersive gear… As the modalities to enter this persistent metaverse are multiplying with domes, HMDs and mobile screens, the question of presence, of how we connect and engage with our environment and each other, and of how our physical bodies and cultural identities are invited in, become central.

This fourth edition of the IX symposium on immersion and experience will focus on the theme of Embodied Spaces.

Throughout the day, Ghislaine Boddington will deliver several inputs including a plenary keynote and a presentation of body>data>space new commission Collective Reality in the SAT dome with Jo Hyde and Nick Rothwell

31st May – IX Immersion Experience Symposium, SAT – Montreal Full information here


Mapping _ Digital Shifts is proud to present the first edition of Paradigm Shift, a two-day international forum gathering inspiring artists, designers, curators, journalists, decision makers and researchers to critically reflect, raise questions and discuss the state of culture and society in today’s technology driven world.

Through a a series of talks, presentations (including LaTurbo Avedon, artist-avatar), discussions and screenings, each half-day session will further explore this year’s theme: Technology Now, Society Tomorrow, and the Religion for a Brave New World.

Ghislaine Boddington’s talk, Future Love – The Internet Of Bodies will explore how the Internet and digital technologies are shaping the way we experience love, sexuality, friendship and intimacy. Her talk will also look at the possibilities and implications of romantic and sexual relationships in sense enhanced digital immersion environments with future partners such as human-like robot companions and avatars, sharing her future visions on the “Internet of Bodies”.
25th May – Mapping Festival – Geneva
Full info and booking here


Me and My Shadow

Join us for the Thinking Digital Arts panel discussion featuring critically acclaimed digital musician Imogen Heap, sound artist, designer and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki, live coding pioneer Alex McLean, Ghislaine Boddington, a researcher, curator and director specialising in body responsive technologies and immersive experiences and this years Thinking Digital Arts commissioned artist Di Mainstone.
The panel will discuss; digitally enabled performance, wearable and new technologies and the role and impact of disruptive and new technologies on ecosystems of artistic production, cultural consumption and shared innovation. Our chair for the afternoon is North East based artist, curator and researcher Dominic Smith.
Thinking Digital Arts is curated by Suzy O’Hara and is part of the 10th anniversary of Thinking Digital Conference event held in Newcastle & Gateshead on 16/17th May  
16th May – Thinking Digital Arts – Sage Gateshead, Newcastle
Panel presentation 
Date: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 
Time: 14.00 
Venue: Northern Rock Hall, Sage Gateshead 
Tickets: £10.80 
More info and booking here

Creative Conversations would like to invite you to a panel discussion chaired by Ghislaine Boddington (Creative Director of body>data>space, Reader, Digital Immersion at University of Greenwich) on how creative businesses can be both ethical and profitable.

Our panel will bring together Caroline Meaby (Senior Programme Manager, Creative Economy, British Council), Giles Andrews (Zopa / Chair, Bethnal Green Ventures) and Sheeza Shah (UpEffect, a crowdfunding and support platform to launch products doing good in the world) to discuss a range of current and possible business models in the creative industries and the potential relation and correlation of value (monetary) and values (ethical, social, personal) in each. They will explore their strengths and weaknesses, the challenges and opportunities they present and how they might evolve or pivot in the future.

3rd May – Creative Conversations Panel – University of Greenwich London
(How) Can Creative Business Models be Ethical and Profitable?
Welcome drinks at 6.30pm. 7pm panel starts.
Booking and full programme here

Hidden Fields – Paul Blackmore

Can the new technical tools around us help us explore dance in new ways? Can we surpass the limitation of the physical form to become super human? Can we change the environments we show work in, and does all of this change the work we might want to create?

New Tech / New  Movement / New Futures is a one day event curated by Laura Kriefman (Architectural Choreographer: Guerilla Dance Project, Mass Crane Dance) that explores these ideas and showcases some of the best groundbreaking and world renowned examples.

Using examples for the co-authored interaction works of body>data>space Ghislaine Boddington will share thoughts on digital immersion today and on the future of our virtual /physical identities. As sense enhancing and body connectivity technologies fully converge across the next decade, the evolution of the body in the digital age points towards multiple transfers from physical to virtual and back again, blended experiences and immersions shifting us beyond our recognised senses and perceptions. This has the potential to open out whole new sensory imperatives as we reconcile our lives and our identities within multi-universes, blending and crossing the divide between illusion and reality.

Other speakers include:
– Professor Joseph Hyde (Composer)
Jasmine Wilson from Studio Wayne McGregor
Malgorzata Dzierzon from New Movement Collective

skin touch feel

“Technology Is Not Neutral” is a major new touring exhibition of digital works by leading pioneering and contemporary female digital artists. From drone choreography, sequencing of bacteria and brainwave art to hacking reality, social media activism and telepresence, this exhibition highlights the contribution of female artists in shaping what digital art is today. The title of the show refers to the challenges faced by female artists in this field where they are often under-represented and less acknowledged than their male colleagues.

The exhibition features existing and newly commissioned artworks by Ghislaine Boddington (body>data>space), Susan Collins, Laura Dekker, Anna Dumitriu, Bhavani Esapathi, Julie Freeman, Kate Genevieve, Sue Gollifer, Luciana Haill, Nina Kov, and Gordana Novakovic.

As part of the exhibition Ghislaine Boddington presents pictures from skintouchfeel (shinkansen and body>data>space). A series of works, evolving and re-iterating themselves between 1999 and 2004, skintouchfeel  emerged from a series of dance-tech workshops “CellBytes” and other creative gatherings directed by Ghislaine Boddington across this time period and earlier in London, Lisbon and Arizona.

These images were taken from several public performances simultaneously held in 2 to 3 venues. Combining live sound, video and dance in structured improvisation, these performances explored and portrayed tele-intuition and digital intimacy to the watching public.

The exhibition premiered at Phoenix Brighton as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2016 (2nd September – 25th September 2016) then tours to Watermans in London accompanied by a major symposium.

The show is currently on display at Waterman Art Centre from November 4th to January 8th. Read more here

The exhibition is curated by Gordana Novakovic, Anna Dumitriu and Irini Papadimitriou, is funded by Arts Council England, The Computer Arts Society, and UCL Department of Computer Science and supported by Women Shift Digital, Phoenix Brighton and Watermans. 



‘Collective Reality’ comes alive when you come together

As aware of us as we are of it, this digital environment invites us to move and perform as a group to create unique visuals and sounds. Using a convergence of generative technologies, it looks ten years ahead, beyond the current VR headset craze, to real-time collective reality.

It uses motion tracking, surround sound, projection mapping and performative inserts technologies to create a living, breathing virtual presence environment that can be experienced by groups in real-time.

The installation will be made up of two zones: ‘the experimental zone’ where the audience move through the space and ‘the performative zone’ a round stage where freestyle footballers and dancers will perform and interact with the space every 30 minutes.

Come and experience togetherness!

FutureFest / 17 -18 September 2016 / Read more

Collective Reality – Commissioned by FutureFest 2016 and created by interactive design collective body>data>space in collaboration with the University of Greenwich (Creative Professions and Digital Arts), d3 technologies and Genelec.  With support from Panasonic, The Games Europe Plays, EUNIC London, British Council, Stage Sound Services, iSci and the Freestyle Footballers Federation.

Overall Direction by body>data>space – Ghislaine Boddington

Lead Artists –  Ghislaine Boddington, Joseph Hyde, Nick Rothwell and Phill Tew

Creative Technical Director – Nick Rothwell

Creative Visuals / Sounds – Joseph Hyde, Nick Rothwell, Phill Tew and Yuli Levtov

Software Platform – Phill Tew, Nick Rothwell and Yuli Levtov

Movement Direction – Nina Kov, Ghislaine Boddington

Performers – Bethiris James, Eliza Delite, Dan Jose, Jamie Knight, Chris Matthews, Agnieszka Mnich, Maria Palmieri, Shama Rahman

Movement Jockeys – Charlotte Buschbaum, Eleanor Chownsmith, Gulia Iurza, Giacomo Pini, Sophie Tellings, Selene Travaglia

Invigilators – Geraldine Atger, Elly Goodman, Elsa Hackett, Debbie Jelenke, Willow Kirkman, Nat Mortimer, Sara Morris, Quinn Oulton, Louka Oulton, Miriam Sorrentino, Jo Tasker, Tadej Vindis

Marketing – Marie Proffit for body>data>space / Georgina Roberts and Kasia Murphy for FutureFest / Alexandra Craft for University of Greenwich /

Production and Coordination – Ghislaine Boddington and Debbie Jelenke for body>data>space / Rebecca Rossini and Josh McNorton for FutureFest / Anastasios Maragiannis, Ian Thompson and Andrew Hill for University of Greenwich

Stage Managers – Terry Tyldesley, Geraldine Atger

d3 technologies– Chris Bird with Christian Dickens, Serhiy Pikho and Guy Spedding for d3 / UVA

Technical Support – Danny Santos, Matt Barton and Alex Wright for University of Greenwich

Documentation – Tadej Vindis for body>data>space / Anastasios Maragiannis with Ovidiu Mocanu and Abel Capistrano for University of Greenwich

Research  Overview – Dr  Stephen  Kennedy with Anastasios Maragiannis and Gauti Sigthorsson for University of Greenwich

Picture: Terry-Tyldesley

Robot Companion FutureFest 2015

FutureFest is coming back on 17-18 September with a jam-packed programme of mind blowing experiences and debates.

Future Love curator Ghislaine Boddington tests the most universal of all emotions, exploring what happens to romance, dating, identity and even skin when we move beyond the physical and merge with the virtual, by inviting pioneers, innovators and future thinkers to share their visions.

Here are some highlights from the weekender to help you plan your days:

On Saturday

Full schedule for Saturday here

On Sunday

Full schedule for Sunday here

The Future of Love theme also includes some visionary installations running on both days: an immersion work Collective Reality, which explores digital togetherness, a strong, youth radio work Coming Out, and a special room of experts sharing visions for Love After Death in a digital age. Other sensory experiences linked to Future Love include cocktail Mr Lyan and haptic Simutouch.

Read Ghislaine’s full blog on her Future of Love curation here

FutureFest / 17 -18 September 2016
Tobacco Dock, London, E1W 2SF
Book your ticket on using our special 20% discount code

Image: My Robot Companion by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, at FutureFest 2015. Photo: Piers Macdonald.

Performing Sound, Playing Technology

Last stop in 2016 for The Games Europe Plays exhibition curated by Ghislaine Boddington.

As part of FutureFest, The Games Europe Plays presents ‘Molding the Signifier’ an installation by Ivor Diosi (Czech Republic), a digital performance by Marco Donnaruma (Italy) and supports the performance of athletes into FutureFest’s new digital commission, Collective Reality (UK).

In ‘Molding the Signifier’ by Ivor Diosi you’ll meet 3 chatty avatars who get infected by a mysterious bacteria slowly disrupting their conversation and behaviour. Marco Donnarumma (picture) uses his heart beats, blood stream and muscle contractions to create digital music and media. Collective Reality is an immersive installation that generates visuals and sounds through motion, open to the audience and to performers.

The Games Europe Plays premiered at the Finnish Institute in April 2016  as part of London Games Festival and showed at the University of Greenwich in July/August. The Games Europe Plays is a series of exhibitions, events and talks inviting developers, makers, academics from Europe to meet and debate with the London audience. It showcases the best of EU gaming from full-bodied gaming interactive installations as well as screen-based games and apps.

FutureFest / 17 -18 September 2016
Tobacco Dock, London, E1W 2SF
Book your ticket on

The Games Europe Plays  is a EUNIC London project, produced by the Finnish Institute and body>data>space. The project is supported by the British Council and the Arts Council England. It is presented at FutureFest with additional support from the Czech Centre and the Italian Cultural Institute.