Content Pool


The content pool is body>data>space’s media bank of audio, video, writing and performance material developed over the past 5 years alongside artists in dance, digital media, live performance, architecture, graphics, video, sound art, costume, photography, writing and software design.

We develop the content pool linked to new projects, topics and themes of work. The outputs from the ever evolving pool enables the material to be accessed and used, linked to and selected for, bespoke performances and presentations. This allows strong content to be used in multiple ways and to be efficiently distributed in a variety of forms.

Open dynamic processes and initiatives such as Open Source and Creative Commons which encourage a sharing of knowledge and resources and are evidence of the enduring vitality and pragmatic usefulness of the collective.

We work with live processing, sampling, VJing, and live documentation techniques into fast results and 1-5 min post-edit videos. We can create bespoke video materials for a client, with live camera work through to post production and animated sequences resulting in slick, sharp, fun and engaging PR video/skills content material.

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