Ghislaine Boddington’s contributions:

‘Woven Bodies, Wowen Culture’ essay by Ghislaine Boddington in Identity, Performance and Technology‘ (Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology)
Josephine Machon (Author, Editor), Susan Broadhurst (Author), Dr Susan Broadhurst (Editor), 2013.

‘Excited Atoms’ – an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts
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The World as Virtual Environment by TMA Hellerau – Virtual Physical Bodies – Serious Play – by Ghislaine Boddington
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The Weave – Overview  A reflection by Ghislaine Boddington on interauthorship processes and intuition March 2006

Article – Sharing the process: a consideration of interauthorship in the performing art Ghislaine Boddington and Chris Bannerman for Digital Creativity

Group Process Briefing, evolved with partners and participants of group projects across 1990 to present, the shinkansen group process for interauthored projects.

EssayVirtual presence physical beings – From telegraph to telecast – a reflection on virtual beingness, Ghislaine Boddington, November 2000

Virtual Physical Bodies – The Future Synthesis, final round table sessions and conclusions from Workshop / Symposium held at ResCen, Middlesex University and The South Bank, London September 1999

Identity Exercise – used at beginning of group processes projects to enable understanding of the essence of a specialised individual within collective and collaborative practice 1993 onwards

Into Interculturalism – final overview from international ateliers at Munich Dance 2000 and Copenhagen International Dancing World Festival 2000 Ghislaine Boddington for Animated, winter 2000 Click here for PDF – 4 pages (79k)

“Dance and New Technology” Issues raised from summary discussions at Cross Fair 1999 Symposium, CZNRW, Essen, Germany Click here to view

The Two Cities project Dancers Exchange Connecting Flights – New Cultures of the Diaspora, 2002Flying 4 x 4’s Dance Link A report by Magdalen Gorringe Click here for Word Doc – 10 pages (63k)


Projects’ resources:

Glossary of Terms – specialised terms for performance / technology process and production, in use by shinkansen 2000

Pod Diagram (pdf, 154KB) – the shinkansen operational mode for group processes from 1990, an example of pod structuring for Future Physical 2001

Telematics set up diagram (pdf 421KB) – an example of the technical set up used for performative telematics 2004

The Shinkansen Collection
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SCREAM – Media Screens as a Medium for Communication
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Robots and Avatars Lunch Debate Reports
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Robots and Avatars Forum Reports
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Robots and Avatars Video and Vodcasts
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