me and my shadow – Artists


Joseph Hyde

Joseph Hyde’s background is as a musician and composer, working in various areas but in the late 90s – and a period working with BEAST in Birmingham (UK) – settling on electronic music, with or without live instruments.

Since then, his work has diversified: whilst music and sound remain at the core of his practice, collaboration has become a key concern, particularly in the field of dance. Here he works both as a composer and in a broader capacity working with video, interactive systems and telepresence. His solo work has also broadened in scope to incorporate these elements: He has made a series of audiovisual ‘visual music’ works, and is currently engaged in a long term study of (early abstract cinema artist) Oscar Fischinger’s creative process, supported by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. H is interest in movement and interactive systems has led him to an intensive exploration of the revolutionary Microsoft Kinect sensor, through several collaborative arts projects and theoretical writings. Hyde also works as a lecturer/academic, as Professor or Music at Bath Spa University in the UK – as well as teaching on the BA Creative Music Technology, he runs the MMus in Creative Sound and Media Technology and supervises a number of PhD students. Since 2009 he has run a symposium on Visual Music at the university, Seeing Sound.


Phill Tew

Based in Bristol and graduated in Fine Art/Contemporay Media at the Newport School of Art and Design. Phill Tew is a curious blend of programmer and installation artist, leveraging skills gathered from an early age and honed in industry to create artworks that play with generative processing, physical modelling and creativity itself.
His most recent works have been exploring the harnessing of new innovations in computer vision technology to make immersive interactive environments fusing dynamic 3D visuals and generative soundscapes. Other projects include Danceroom Spectroscopy, with Dr. David Glowacki and Lee J. Malcolm at Arnolfini/Bristol, Shambala Festival, TEDxBristol and featured in Physics World.”

Ghislaine Boddington

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London Residency: Artistic & Technical Team

Geraldine Atger (body>data>space) – Residency Coordination
Lee Curran (body>data>space) – Technical Coordination
Toby Coffey (National Theatre Digital Media) – Producer
David Sabel (Director National Theatre Digital Media)
Nick di Vita (body>data>space) – Dancer/On Site Support
Sasha Spasic – Dancer/Rehearsal Direction
Amina Khayyam – Dancer
Nick Rothwell – Programmer
Eddie Keogh – National Theatre Studio Technical Manager
Jean-Paul Berthoin – Photographer


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