Robots and Avatars – Collaborative and Intergenerational Futures

Robots and Avatars – Collaborative and Intergenerational Futures is a two year programme of work extending our research in the UK into Europe. The project explores a near future world where collaborations between robots, avatars, virtual worlds, telepresence and real-time presence will be increasingly common. With co-organisers KIBLA (Slovenia) and AltArt (Romania), the project looks at emergence of the European (virtual/physical) citizen and examines multi-identity evolutions and virtual mobility.

Lead organiser — body>data>space (UK)
Co-organisers  KIBLA (SI) and AltArt (RO)

Key UK Partners for body>data>space  FACT, Liverpool and National Theatre, London.

The project comprises of a distinctive programme of activities including, artist commissions, a touring exhibition, learning experiences, live streamed debates, a week-long camp/residency, a website and a book.

It will bring together an intergenerational group of artists, cultural players, young people and experts from around Europe, to create a community that will explore and extend our understanding of working and creating in a 21st century world of virtual/physical co-operation.

body>data>space is one of 11 organisations in the UK to have have received lead organiser funding from the EU Culture Programme (2007-13) for Robots and Avatars – Collaborative and Intergenerational Futures.

Exhibition and Call for Proposals

In late June 2011 a call for proposals for a series of artist commissions for the exhibition was launched and widely spread and we received about 200 applications. From 16 March to 27 May 2012 the Robots and Avatars Exhibition opened at FACT, Liverpool. The commissions are supported by the National Theatre.

Project partners include: The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, National Theatre, London, Society for Arts and Technologies (SAT), Quebec and centre des arts, Paris.



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