Robots and Avatars – UK Selection



19th – 28th  September 2012 
@ 12 Star Gallery/ London

Collectively Engaged, 19-20 September 2012
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Two days of Forums dedicated to Digital Collaborations and Content Creation across the UK and the EU today

ATMOS, Outreach: Crystallising Movements


Produced and curated by body>data>space, Robots and Avatars – UK Selection showcases a vivid and topical selection of artworks from UK based artists and innovators exploring the merging of digital technologies with our living, moving, emotional body. The Showcase brings together pioneering examples of digital creativity in the field of robotics, virtual environments, motion capture, telepresence, architecture and body technologies.

All the works, completed and conceptual, share an obsession with the body, portraying new representation of ourselves and others within the context of a world in which virtual and physical are increasingly blended: How do we envisage our future relationships with robotic and avatar colleagues and playmates, and what point does this evolution cross our personal boundaries of what it is to be a human being? How are our physical bodies and senses complemented and enhanced by digital technologies?

Joseph Hyde, MADE commission, me and my shadow

‘Robots and Avatars – UK Selection’ enlightens the creative process from artists recently commissioned through body>data>space: Alex Haw (atmos) with Mauritius Seeger ( ‘Outreach’, Joseph Hyde ‘me and my shadow’ and Michael Takeo Magruder ‘Visions of our Communal Dreams’ showing alongside other top-level UK-based creators’ artworks.


Alex Haw (atmos) with Mauritius Seeger (dr. mo) ’Outreach’ / Concept documentation.

Michael Takeo Magruder, Robots & Avatars commission, Visions of our Communal Dreams

Joseph Hyde with Phill Tew ‘me and my shadow’ / Production documentation.

Michael Takeo Magruder with Drew Baker, Erik Fleming & David Steele ’Visions of our Communal Dreams’ / Interactive screenwork.


Shadow Robot Company
The 2-Finger Shadow Dexterous Hand

Anna Dumitriu and Alex May
My Robot Companion

Tobias Klein
Soft Immortality

Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey

Two performances will be presented as part of the Launch Event:

Marco Donnarumma
Music for Flesh II

L.J Rich
Music for Robots


On the invitation of 12 Star Gallery, body>data>space is showcasing ‘Robots and Avatars – UK selection’ and ‘Collectively Engaged‘, two day of Forum dedicated to digital co-productions and content development. Exploring digital innovation and creation, this series of events is designed specifically to help create a sharing for arts and creative technologies professionals from throughout the UK and the EU.

UK based digital content creators are recognised worldwide as leaders in interactivity across many sectors, receiving high commendation and praise for their advanced and visionary use of new medias and social medias to reach a wide public and social engagement.
The body’s integration into responsive technologies and interactive interfaces has been a key field of fascination and expertise of body>data>space for over 20 years, sharing future virtual/physical scenarios to widen the debate around body-centred technologies.

Please note that these events are by invitation only. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in participating:

Visitors Information

Robots and Avatars – UK selection Showcasing  is open to the public from 19 to 28 September 2012, at the 12 Star Gallery. The 12 Star Gallery is located at Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU and shows work which celebrates the creativity and cultural diversity that is the hallmark of the European Union. The gallery is open from 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday. More info

Full information about the Exhibition and the selection can be found here.


‘Robots and Avatars – UK Selection’ is produced and curated by body>data>space in association with the 12 Star Gallery and the National Theatre, supported by the Culture programme of the European Union, and using public funding by the Arts Council England.  In association with EU Culture Projects’ ‘RACIF’ and ‘MADE’, FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technologies) and Knowledge Transfer Network / Creative Industries.