Creative Participation

body>data>space work on projects where the public/participants have an equal say and become the co-authors of the work. This crowd / participant sourced content creates the key outputs of the project.

From the beginning the participants are invited to source and generate ideas and to become involved in the design and narrative of the event. The event itself is actualised by the participants in a mix with professional artists and the end results are magical, with huge inter-generaional groups arriving fresh to an event ready to be creative and innovative alongside the event teams.

body>data>space uses The Weave methodology with its understanding of process-based network structures to create notational and scoring methodologies for small to large groups of participants and the public to move through and be players in live events, installation and performances.

Over the years we had the chance to place creative work in a wide diversity of locations and the fascination of working in unique sites in rural, city and coastal locations with wonderful participants engaged from an interest in the locality and this has stayed with us; the atmosphere, the meaning and the accessibility afforded to live works in unusual spaces is enchanting.
The experience of body>data>space has rooted the artistic vision of members of body>data>space collective in terms of social interaction and the development of creative participatory, user-driven experiences for the public. To enable the extended use of interaction technologies, the web, mobiles and other social networking tools for their key potential – connectivity between small to large groups of people, working/creating together through local-to-local processes – is an imperative for the unit.  These group creations need to be taken into account, as do the process of rights protection in relationship to these projects i.e. creative commons etc.

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