Collaboration Process / Interauthorship

We employ our own collaboration methodology “The Weave” to assemble and enable groups, often gathering people from diverse sectors, to explore, share, debate and create ideas together. The Weave – an interauthorship methodology is a creation process where all individuals involved in the process makes a creative contribution as an equal member of a group and shares ownership of the final product with all other creators.

It evolves from the belief of a need for wider recognition of the role of interauthorship in the arts and creative industries, and in this way body>data>space continues to examines how interactions between new technologies and creativity have acted as a catalyst for the understanding and appreciation of collaborative processes and exchange in all areas of life.

body>data>space projects involve the process of sharing or pooling knowledge, experience and thinking which is signalled from the outset by a very simple interauthorship agreement; a contract that each person signs before beginning work placing the work into creative commons. This sets the broad outline and goals of the project, the themes of the research and puts in place a structure to realise them.

body>data>space has brought together many diverse sets of artists in process led environments for innovation and experiment, using acknowledged inter-authorship and harnessing the emergent dynamic of collective responses as a key process for creation.

Prioritising sharing processes, knowledge infusion, a substantial discourse and deep professional development for all involved and a genuine crediting of the skills and ideas put in by the whole of the teams on our projects body>data>space has used a clear interauthorship methodology (originally developed by shinkansen/ Butterfly Effect Network in 1996) for the majority of its creation projects.

This methodology is a clear structured way of allowing open innovation within a change orientated environment.

We create shared learning between diversely skilled experts/young people/community groups, working together in a value chain of expertise from process to product and to the public. We aim to stimulate social innovation through the facilitation of this interdisciplinary collaboration, so the process of the project and the vigour of the connection methodology between the partners is an essential part to the whole research and the end outputs.

Interauthorship, co-direction, co-production, shared responsibility, collective dissemination, ideas pooling, dynamic emergent futures – reflecting the nature of the projects deep networked process.