Cultural Exchange and Knowledge Transfer

With our base in London, body>data>space is regularly producing, curating and presenting international group projects. Members of body>data>space have 20 years experience creating intercultural and inter-disciplinary exchange projects across Europe, Asia and US. Our network connections are wide, top quality and fascinating.

We bring artists and professionals together from a variety of cultural and skills backgrounds and they bring with them an incredible range of social, political and aesthetics experiences. The aim is for an extended and deep debate to emerge through this diversity, to use these opportunities as a chance to learn about other ways of thinking and being in the world today and to evolve critical and creative attitudes amongst us together.

The intensity of debate and concept development which takes place both within and outside of the unit through its networking comes from embracing difference in background, culture, experience, skill, age and geographical location. For our projects we gather a diverse mix of artists with a variety of skills coming from a range of racial/cultural backgrounds. This intensification of difference is encouraged through the interauthorship process, which dissolves boundaries between modalities, disciplines and cultures, and evolves innovative new concepts and ideas.

We want to create knowledge exchange that will continue to deepen awareness, create empathy, widen perceptions and strengthen understanding of the potentials for the 21st century world citizen of today. We work in an interauthoured and interdisciplinary way, co-producing with and creating deep co-operation projects between diverse sectors and peer group organisations in Europe. We opt to be part of the intercultural dialogue of today’s world – local to local and European to global.

We work in this way into a global network to look at new ways of combining knowledge to deepen cultural understanding. Most recent European projects include Post Me_New ID project 2007-8 (UK, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia) Virtual Physical Bodies 2008-9 and Bains Numeriques#4 Festival 2009 in France.