Women in Digital Careers

As a female led interdisciplinary design collective, body>data>space and its Creative Director, Ghislaine Boddington are recognised as international long term figures involved in the women in technology debates and networks, promoting and supporting the work of many female artists and researchers.

Since the early 90’s members of the body<data<space team have demonstrated passion and expertise in mentoring young women and girls through the delivery of  learning experiences.

Our vision

Gender diversity and equality for women in the digital workplace has been highlighted and promoted in the press and on TV/radio in the last years and has become an imperative and topical debate in 2013. These issues have come up regularly throughout body>data>space’s work and especially and our project Robots and Avatars activities (artworks selection process, learning activities, debates…).
As we become more deeply engaged in the digital world of virtual physical communications, collaborations and connections , it is imperative to examine some of the issues for women and girls in relationship to digital access and creation:

How do we ensure a feminine viewpoint will emerge in the next generations of arts, software development, web, social media and other digital businesses?

More and more women are successfully joining digital careers working alongside men, gaining confidence, developing their skills and ambitions. This is the right point in time to celebrate and recognise the positive impact gender diversity is bringing to digital marketplace in terms of creativity and economic added value.

Ultimately, gender diversity at all ages of the business workforce and especially at executive positions enables companies to enlarge their visions, reach a higher number of customers and improve their sustainable growth and development. Underusing diversity of talent and skills is a waste!

There is still much to do to encourage young women to consider digital careers at a very early age, and we do need to focus in depth on aptitudes, attitudes and confidence and the breaking down of barriers for women and girls entering the technology world.

Our vision is that women and girls, equally to men and boys, need to be able to take advantages of the massive opportunities and knowledge offered by the tech revolution, to join innovative careers in business across sectors, to build confidence, ambition and risk taking aptitudes. The future of coding, design and content creation needs to be equally influenced and created by women to ensure a balanced and equal perspective to be fully integrated as a baseline into the long term design and development of tools (hardware and software) that will fit with ease across genders at the very base of our society. We need to encourage women and girls to become Tomorrow’s successful producers, communicators, educators, coders, digital artists, designers, curators, writers and creatives.

Our programme of work

body>data>space experts, artists and team have designed a programme of work, including a series of debates, conferences, mentoring, workshops that specifically addresses this imperative need for young women and women to be empowered to join the growing digital/technology/media world as active and successful professionals.

In May 2013 we premiered a series of Women in Tech debates at the European level leading to a short intermediary report looking at actions and recommendations that have to be taken on individual and collective levels to empower women of all ages and backgrounds with digital skills in their daily, family and professional life.

More activities will be announced soon for the autumn 2013 so please get in touch and watch this space to learn more!

Our offer

body>data>space offer a bespoke offer of workshops, events and mentorship sessions, to enable women of all ages and abilities to develop their digital skills, confidence and opportunities.

Please get in touch if you are interested to host one of our workshop and/or debate, to have your staff mentored by us  in your organisation. This is a unique opportunity  to empower your female and male staff and to truly make a difference in your management diversity.