Who We Are

Multi-skilled Collective

With our base in London, body>data>space is regularly producing, curating and presenting international group projects. Members of body>data>space have 20 years experience creating intercultural and inter-disciplinary exchange projects across Europe, Asia and US. Our network connections are wide, high-standard and visionary.

We bring together a mixture of emerging and recognised talents from the technology and innovation, arts and culture, creative industries, academia and science sectors,  gathering a high level of skills, freshness and expertise.

We are able to bespoke teams and shape project to respond nimbly to particular client needs.

Partner organisations can come in alongside us to provide specific needs such as live web streaming (Kinura). On larger scale projects we regularly extend our teams to involve international colleagues from throughout Europe, the US and Asia – a top level set of artists and digital creatives we have had connections with for many years.

These are some of our key people:


Core Team




Associate partners


Ongoing Partners