Who We Are

Multi-skilled Collective

A design collective since 2005 based in East London and engaged in creating fascinating connections between performance, architecture, new media and virtual worlds. Emerging from pioneer digital performance collective shinkansen / Future Physical (1989-2004) and using our own collaboration and networked creation processes, body>data>space was created by long term members to enable public engagement in virtual and physical blended environments. The 20 plus collective members range widely in age group, skills and cultural backgrounds, believing real innovation emerges through a diversity of collaborative voices.

body>data>space is regularly producing, curating and presenting international group projects. Members of body>data>space have 25 years experience creating intercultural and inter-disciplinary exchange projects across Europe, Asia and the US. Our network connections are wide, high-standard and visionary.

We bring together a mixture of emerging and recognised talents from technology and innovation, arts and culture, the creative industries, academic and science sectors, gathering a high level of skills, freshness and expertise.

We are able to create bespoke teams, and shape projects to respond nimbly to particular client needs.

Partner organisations can come in alongside us to provide specific needs such as live web streaming (Kinura). On larger scale projects we regularly extend our teams to involve international colleagues from throughout Europe, the US and Asia – a top level set of artists and digital creatives we have had connections with for many years.


Anita Andall – Production Manager
Geraldine Atger – Digital Curator / Producer
Lidija P. Awais – Producer / Project Manager
Ghislaine Boddington – Co-Founder / Creative Director
Lee Curran – Technical Consultant / Lighting Design
Lisa Devaney – PR Consultant (Hai Media Group)
Ivor Diosi – New Media / Virtual Worlds Creative
Vesna Grandes – Dance / Choreography Creative
Leanne Hammacott – Curator / Producer
Michael Heap – Business Development
Laura Henry – Film / Video Creative (Laura Henry Studio)
Linda Hogg – Dance Creative / Software Developer
Coralie Hyde – Data / Web Specialist (netspiration)
Joseph Hyde – Sound / Multimedia Creative
Debbie Jelenke – Project Co-ordinator
Nina Kov – Movement Director / Choreographer
Janka Krasznai – Content Management Specialist
Yuli Levtov – Audio Visual / Software Creative (Reactify)
Nat Mortimer – Digital Public Engagement and Graphics
Shan Ng – Film and TV Writer / Director
Chrissie Papaleontiou – Production Co-ordination (Arete Group)
Stacey Pitsillides – Design Creative
Sarah Platt – Webcast / Video Consultant (Kinura)
Marie Proffit – Cultural Manager
Gemma Riggs – Film / Video Creative
Nick Rothwell – Audio Video / Software Creative (cassiel)
Sasha Spasic – Dance / Choreography Creative
Jo Tasker – STEM Expert
Armand Terruli – Co-Founder
Terry Tyldesley – Producer – Marketing and Development
Tadej Vindiš – Project Producer and Development
Sheron Wray – Dance / Choreography Creative

Associate Partners

Figures Ltd
Hai Media
Make It Count Ltd
Rain Design
Robots and Avatars
Women Shift Digital and its partners


AltArt – Romania
Centre des Arts – France
Gabriela Tudor Foundation – Romania
KIBLA – Slovenia
RAN Digital Art Network – International, body>data>space is a member of RAN steering committee
Transcultures – Belgium