Leanne Hammacott

Creative Producer

Leanne has worked with body>data>space since its formation in 2005, coming from a background in dance/body and technology. She has gained extensive experience managing the company and the studio as well as the large scale projects moving through the unit.

Leanne has worked alongside Ghislaine Boddington since 2001 as part of the shinksnsen / Future Physical team. She has been involved in the rehearsal direction and content development of several shinkansen dance and technology projects including; Virtual Incarnations (ICA/Dance Umbrella), with Akademi of Indian Dance leading and performing in workshops on Telematics and Identity. She was one of the team of producers that enabled the commissioning of 20 art technology pieces for Future Physical between 2001-4, and was the project manager of a 3 year programme of Virtual Incarnations for Dance Umbrella Festival.

More recently, as a core producer at body>data>space, her work has evolved to taking the lead on the learning experiences, and in particular on the performance and tele-presence workshops including skintouchfeel, Ignite! Futures, Virtual Physical Bodies at the Centre des Arts, Paris, and the performance installation “Dare We Do It Real Time?” performed at Kinetica Art Fair.

Leanne is project producer of ‘Robots and Avatars – our colleagues and playmates of the future’ exploring how young people will work and play with new representational forms of virtual and physical life in 10-15 years time. She also leads on the development of the education learning experiences, delivered as part of NESTA idiscover, co-ordinating the involvement of other key creative trainers from the body>data>space team.

Leanne has deep experience in international co-production, the bringing together 5 -10 partners to work together on multi-country collaboration projects. She produced the EU Culture 2007-13 project Post Me_New ID, and is now Producer of the international projects Robots and Avatars, MADE and E-MOTIONAL.