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Ghislaine Boddington PortraitGhislaine Boddington – Creative Director

Ghislaine Boddington is an artist researcher, dramaturge, curator and thought leader specialising in body responsive technologies, recognised as an international pioneer in full body telepresence. She has created live links between thousands of participants/audiences across the world for educational, performing arts and creative industries usage since the mid-nineties.

Ghislaine extends natural interface techniques, advocating the use of the entire body as an interaction canvas. Her work examines the representation of our physical selves and our identities in virtual environments and the hyper enhancement of our human senses through the digital transmission/reception of body data, such as touch, motion, biofeedback and gesture.

As a dramaturge she has led numerous interdisciplinary creation projects, experimenting with the convergence of the live body with virtual environments, telepresence, motion capture and sense/gesture tech. Recent dramaturgical input for virtual/physical immersive installations include ‘me and my shadow’ with UK artist Joseph Hyde and ‘Visions of Our Communal Dreams’ with UK/US Artist Michael Takeo Magruder.

At present she continues work from 2015 as Co-curator for FutureFest (London), Nesta’s weekend festival of radical ideas, compelling talks, and immersive experiences to inspire, excite and challenge perceptions of the future (next Festival Sept 2016).

Ghislaine has keynoted in over 30 countries worldwide, talking to a very diverse range of audiences from arts, creative industries to science and advertising. In October this year she is invited to share her future visions at TEDx Limassol in Cyprus. She is regularly featured on TV, radio and in the press, giving thought shifting inputs to BBC Business World, BBC Click and the New Scientist among others.

She sits on the TDPT editorial board and is juror for international creative industries and digital arts competitions. She was a Jury member for Speculative Concepts, Core77 Design Awards 2015 and is a Standing Committee member of DRHA (Digital Research in Humanities and the Arts) since 2006. She is invited as a key innovator to governmental briefings/conferences in UK and beyond. A co-director of the Creative Guild, she is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and an Artist Research Associate at ResCen, Middlesex University since 1999. For the period 2015/2016 she is a Creative Works London Entrepreneur in Residence at Barbican/Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Some of Ghislaine’s publication:

She is the Guest Editor for 2017 issue of  ‘AI & SOCIETY’, Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication (Editor-in-Chief: Karamjit S. Gill).

excited atoms‘ an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts, Judith Staines with Ghislaine Boddington
Published by on the move April 2010

‘Woven Bodies, Wowen Culture’ essay by Ghislaine Boddington in Identity, Performance and Technology‘ (Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology)
Josephine Machon (Author, Editor), Susan Broadhurst (Author), Dr Susan Broadhurst (Editor), 2013.

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Ghislaine’s talk dedicated to the Internet of Bodies at TEDx Limassol on October 3rd 2015

Watch live streaming video from tedxlimassol at

Ghislaine’s work presented by Middlesex University as part of their Research Impact Case Studies

Ghislaine presenting as part of Innovation Day Media Trendy 2014 in Warsaw

Ghislaine presenting at MEX 2013

Ghislaine Boddington presentation at MEX 2013 from body>data>space on Vimeo.

More videos

Ghislaine answers questions from Latvian Journalist Adriana Roze

Gilena Badingtone: jaunieši, roboti un avatari from VISSnotiek on Vimeo.

Ghislaine Boddington answers questions for b.TWEEN 3D